Find a Muse in the Masters – Seeing Red

“In today’s writing challenge, you’ll choose a scenario (or invent your own) and write a poem, a short story, a vignette, a scene, or flash fiction based on Nighthawks by Edward Hopper.”

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Nighthawks by Edward Hopper, 1942. Public Domain

I tried my best to act unaffected by glancing nonchalantly at my fingernails. However, I was certain that the red color of my nails matched the color of my cheeks, which were incidentally on fire. I sneaked a glance at him from under my eyelashes. His eyes were still locked on me, drinking me in like I was the milkshake that he had just ordered.

I told him not to come. My husband was getting suspicious. The only time I was able to leave the house was with him as my accessory.

I suppose I half expected him to show up. It’s the only reason I chose to wear this ridiculous dress which hugged my body way too tightly and the red stood out like a firecracker.

My husband was still gabbing about his mindnumbingly boring day. I inserted the appropriate amounts of “Yeah and Uh huh doll” so he wouldn’t suspect my lack of interest. Meanwhile my heart was beating wildly like an animal locked within the cages of my ribs.  I hated being so close to him but not being able to physically touch the stubble on his rigid jaw. I stood up abruptly and asked to be excused.

While I was splashing my face with water, I heard the door creak open. I stiffened. I felt his warm lips at the nape of my neck before I could see him and I felt my body react immediately when I inhaled his cologne.


Bridget Jones Diary Review

I’ve decided to lump the two movies together since they really don’t deserve two separate posts.

Well this just happened to be one of those times when a movie is showing on TV and I really didn’t have anything else to do, it in no way at all reflects on my taste. I made it to 2014 before laying eyes on these films and I possibly could have lasted my whole life.

It is a spin on Pride and Prejudice which ironically enough is my favorite love story so this could be the reason for my crassness. Bridget is not getting any younger, a little bit tubby and has lousy luck with men. Her mother decides to play cupid on Christmas by setting her up with her childhood playmate Marc Darcy. He is recently divorced and is not appeased by Bridget in any way. He voices his opinion to his mother which is overheard by Bridget. 

She is affected and starts writing memoirs in a diary format. At work, she begins a dangerous flirtation with her playboy boss, Daniel, which ultimately leads her into a relationship with him. She stumbles upon Marc at an event and he seems taken by her awkwardness and lack of social perception (I have no idea why this would suddenly appeal to a man so stringent in his taste in women before). A series of events lead to Daniel’s unveiled infidelity (big surprise). Simultaneously, Bridget starts hitting it off with Marc whom she realizes is not a total snob. Throw in a testosterone filled fight for claiming a girl and voila, guess who she ultimately ends up with. Guess the nice guy isn’t finishing last in this movie. 

The next movie picks off from the happy ever after ending. Except this time Bridget can’t seem to keep her man. She is totally insecure and breaks it off with him after she suspects that he is cheating on her. Daniel reappears as a smooth operator and begins wooing Bridget (who doesn’t seem to have learned her lesson). THANKFULLY she realizes Marc is the one after he goes above and beyond to help her in a sticky situation. Throw in another fight (rolls eyes) and they live happily ever after. 

I cannot deny that awkward Bridget made me laugh a fair few times. I never knew Renee had it in her to act silly like that. I don’t care what anyone says, I like Hugh Grant in these romantic movies. He just has that gift for being smooth. And of course, Colin Firth, who exudes what a real English gentleman is envisioned as. The casting was definitely on point.

Summary: A good time killer, but predictable. Great cast and there were funny moments.

Rating: 5/10


I can barely remember the words we said,
Exactly what date we met,
The jokes we laughed at,
The way it was to be free but still intrigued,
The discussions we had in bed till 4am,
The mundane lives we led.

But I can clearly recall the way it all felt,
The warmth of your hugs,
The pulse of happiness that throbbed through my veins when I caught sight of you,
The butterflies exploding in my stomach that restricted my breathing,
When I heard your voice change when you were smiling especially knowing that I was the cause of it,
In my mind I can trace the pulled corners of your mouth when you grinned that boyish smirk,
The way my face hurt every single day from smiling and laughing too much,
The singing, so much singing,
I remember being painfully exhausted but still finding energy from the adrenaline that speaking to you provided.

I recall the way my heart clenched when I heard you speak about her,
The sick feeling when I realized that we were worlds apart,
The threads unravelling all at once from a finely tailored future,
The exhaustion that never seems to recede.

Before Midnight Review

It astounds me how long people who followed this trilogy from the start had to wait to see each subsequent movie. I, on the other hand was able to traverse an entire 18 years in the span of three nights. I love the way the movies waited the exact time until releasing a new film. No makeup tricks or anything, what you witnessed was the actual actors aging themselves. It made everything seem so much more life like, peering into someone’s life every few years to see how much things had changed, and boy! did they change.

We left at the last movie wondering whether Jesse made the decision to stay. And the spoilers begin here. We are rewarded at the beginning, to a scene depicting a life with Celine and twin girls. Everyone can finally let out that sigh of relief that they have been holding since 2004. “Finally!” I think, “The Happy Ending.”

I have forgotten that although the way they met was something out of a fairytale, their love isn’t, it’s real life love. We start to see life after the happy ever after ending. It starts off docile enough with harmless banter in the car. As the day progresses the two stroll in the garden, not unlike the other two films, discussing life after the fact. Like a fire that catches from a hot ember, the two begin having a heated row about all the things that have gone to shit in their lives. I am stunned, and I am tense seeing my favorite couple spew so many angry, hurtful remarks at each other.

I am especially appalled at Celine, who’s view on little things i regarded so highly, is now bickering cynically for little unimportant things. The debacle comes to an end when she states that the entirety of their problems stem from the fact that she no longer loves him and she then proceeds to storm out. We are at another bridge at the story where the love story can finally come to an end in a not so happy manner or become rekindled.

The film was definitely an eye opener that even the best of loves have their downs and it is indeed possible to rise from the worst scenarios. It did however, leave me a little scarred to allow myself to fall in love for fear that I myself might enter such a frenzied state but when I think back to the other two movies, I feel like it just might be worth it.

Summary: Probably a good watch for married folks since I feel as though they would be better able to relate. Definitely not one to watch in the earlies of a relationship. If you wanna see the reality of the happy ever after, this film definitely does it justice.

Rating: 6/10

Before Sunset Review

If you haven’t watched the first part of this trilogy (aka Before Sunrise) then this post will have spoilers galore. 

We are rejoined in this magical love story 9 years after the first encounter on the train. Jesse has published a book based on his brief encounter with Celine and is promoting it in Paris. She appears at his interview in the book shop and we immediately see that she did not keep their promise of meeting at the train station although Jesse did indeed show up.

The love story resumes as though it has only been on pause for all of these years. The two of them stroll through the streets of Paris, but instead of being consumed with the beauty of the breathtaking surroundings, one can only have eyes for these two. They immediately reconnect with no hard feelings towards each other. Again they speak about a wide array of their beliefs and opinions touching on some serious topics about life in the process. If you aren’t philosophical or you don’t question the little things in life then this movie definitely won’t be for you. For me, this was refreshing, to see a movie cover so many topics that I myself ponder, wrapped into a wonderful little love story. 

We see that although they are both in relationships, they have been haunted by that day they met and none of their relationships that followed could ever live up to it. Jesse reveals to Celine that his feelings for her still plague him even though he is married with a son. He claims he has written the book to allow her to find him as they did not exchange any contact information when they had left each other. Celine plays it coy until she breaks down confessing that the day they met was the last time she believed in romance and since then she has become cynical towards love. 

It ends with Jesse only having a few more minutes to catch his flight back to America, however he is back at Celine’s loft listening to her play him a song that she wrote about him, exposing all her feelings towards him and their magical day. It ends with time running out and Jesse is left with the decision to either stay or go back to his life in America. 

Summary: Possibly the realest love story you will ever watch in your life. Sometimes I felt as though the actors took the words and thoughts straight out of my mind. 

Rating: 9/10

Before Sunrise Review

What attracted me to this movie was it’s high rating on IMDb even though it seemed like one of those low key movies because I really had never heard of it before or could recall seeing an advertisement for its release. 

The story starts with two people meeting on a train by chance and they have an instant connection. They decide to pursue it for the remainder of the day, becoming more enthralled with each other. There is no denying the romantic chemistry between them even though pursuing a relationship would be highly impossible. They do meaningless activities while covering these wide array of topics about life allowing them to peer deeper into each others soul. The topics are those that keep us up at night when our mind strays, except here it is rawly stated right before you with opinions that really make you reflect internally.

Although meeting on a train by fate seems a little cliche, life really is random like that. The actors portray everything in a way that makes it seem very real including that awkward feeling when trying to get to know someone for the first time. The whole film is earthy with no dramatic story line which seems more applicable to real life. When falling in love in the real world it’s really just getting to know the innermost thoughts of the person that makes us more attracted to them. It’s that spark you feel from the get go which integrates into a fire when that person exposes a piece of themselves that you might feel partial towards. It’s that rambling on and on in the hopes that the other person validates your thoughts by agreeing or at least thinking that it matters. 

It definitely made me feel as though I was on their journey with them, falling slowly in love as the day progressed. It left me feeling satisfied to have experienced such a connection with love albeit a little sad that it would end as soon as it started. However, I am still hopeful seeing as there are two more movies to the trilogy.

Summary: Feel good movie, great watch if you’re feeling to catch the love bug, the indie way. 

Rating: 8/10

Death by Spiders

Spin me a thread of sweet nothings,

Weave them together into a contract that is binding, 

Enrapture me with your hypnotic soulless eyes,

And capture me in your web of selfish desires.

Wound me with commitments, I am rendered immobile,

Placate me with your venom until I mirror your smile.  

Senses have escaped but I am still left behind,

No fight left, blank eyes watch you dine.