Suits Review

When beginning a new show I often do a survey from my friends. I ask a lot of people regardless of whether we have the same taste or not (mostly because once I know someones favorite show is Pretty Little Liars and they also enjoy the show in question I can cross it off my list). I was very surprised that majority of the people with whom I connect with (both those with good taste and those with questionable taste) actually enjoyed this show. This backed with rave reviews I have seen weekly via my Facebook friends (along with it constantly staring me in the face as a recommendation by Netflix) cemented my choice.

I was very skeptical at first due to my utter distaste for anything associated with the law however I found the characters wittily charming and admirably intelligent, I mean who doesn’t love a good smartass. It is basically a rags to riches story which the entire human population can relate to. The story revolves around Mike Ross, a guy who has had it tough doing sketchy stuff actually trying to better himself. Patrick Adams portrays the character of a prodigy beautifully allowing audiences to empathize with him while still being in awe of his vast never-failing intelligence and he’s nice to his grandma (insert awws from millions of female viewers). Harvey Spector aka “the best closer in town” played by Gabriel Macht is the most impressive with his hard shell exterior and his “I know I’m better than you” attitude doesn’t turn you off as one might expect but actually made me respect him because to be frank he is better than me. This along with strong female leads and an arch nemesis for Harvey keeps the show interesting for me.

I won’t spoil the show but basically Harvey takes a chance on hiring Mike as his associate regardless of his lack of educational background which shows there is some softness under his shell. The two then form a bond, sticking together when times get tough and conquering the law world, one lawsuit at a time.

Didn’t exactly hurt its chances when they mentioned my country in s3 e1. I finally understand that whole country pride thing :p

Summary: Motivational show for those studying to be lawyers while still being a good watch for those who appreciate good sarcasm. I mean who doesn’t love a guy in a good suit? 

Rating: 7/10


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