Teen Wolf Review

I have been recommended this show so many times that I began to question whether the people who told me to watch it are even my friends.

My original thoughts regarding this show were “Oh gosh, another twilight spin”, “MTV is just going down the drain” and “The guys are cute but even that not making me watch it”. 

One night when sleep eluded me, I decided to view an episode in order to fall asleep (that’s how poorly I thought of it). The show started darker than I was expecting, in the wee hours of the morning I’m not ashamed to admit that I was a bit spooked. Surprisingly, I made it to the end of the episode without falling asleep however it still wasn’t on the level where I would binge watch it. The acting was poor and transparent but upon messaging a friend whose opinion I regard highly, he said that it got better so I decided to persist with the series, which at the time had completed four seasons. 

I like to refer to the first two seasons as the toddler stage, with the actors learning the ropes as they went along. It wasn’t necessarily good but it wasn’t completely terrible either. Basically some teens were turned into werewolves and the anti-werewolves group didn’t like this so they opposed them. I became frustrated with the main character Scott, who seemed to have no brains when his love interest, Allison, was involved (not the actors fault but purely how the character was supposed to be portrayed). I had no interest in Derek either, who played the bad boy character but I adored the gay character, Danny, who they put as a comic relief. The redeeming point was the sidekick, Stiles, who is not only hilarious but is the brains of the entire operation. Aside from this, his acting was superb so I decided to continue to the next season only to see where the series was taking him. 

The third season was a complete turn around. Everyone not only looked better, the acting was finally on point and hallelujah.. Scott and Allison called it quits. Scott finally stopped toting/pining for Allison allowing his character to develop and she in turn became more badass herself. A new cast of hot werewolves were also introduced here as an opposing pack. They split this season into two stories which I found was more efficient as well. The plots were way darker and edgier and my fave, Stiles , also got to be the main character for the second half of the season. Trust me, he did not disappoint! After this season he got me fan-girling hard (something I haven’t done since I first saw Johnny Depp in a movie). At the end of this season there were some serious feels to be felt and I was genuinely surprised that this was the same show that had me skeptical.

Season four was a bit of a letdown after the action packed S3 however I was extremely satisfied that Stiles finally got his own love interest. Scott also got a new girl but I was actually impressed with how far his character had progressed. Most of the cast from the previous seasons left as well, which was a little disheartening after all these emotions were invested in them but I guess good ratings require fresh faces. 

Conclusion: I will be tuning in for the next season if only to see Dylan O’Brien’s aka Stiles progress. It’s a good watch if you want something edgy but still light. 

Rating: 6.5/10


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