Awkward Review

I discovered this underrated beaut while studying at University. It was one of those moments where all of your roommates are gathered around the TV to unwind and just the right show is on to be that fix you needed to help you carry on for the rest of the semester. Despite the fact that we all had extremely different taste, we were all laughing and facepalming Jenna’s shenanigans together.

Basically the show revolves around Jenna, who is going through that awkward High School phase where everything is confusing but she tries to make sense of the chaos by capturing her thoughts on her blog. Anyone who went to High School can relate to the situations she faces which appeared to be larger than life at the time.

Some of these co-curriculars include falling in love with the hottest guy in school, cheating bfs, having a crazy psycho bffs and fighting with them, good guy vs. bad guy, that crazy bitch that’s out to get your man, embarrassing parents, flunking school phases, therapy, bullying, drugs, sex? Seriously, the list goes on. Who can honestly say they’ve never experienced these things? Someone living under a rock that’s who.

I adore the way the show uses sarcastic humor to handle all of the serious topics mentioned above. The cast itself is great and each character is over exaggerated, which is usually annoying to me but in this case it only fuels to the comic twist of the show. Each episode is way too short but I guess that just makes me keep wanting more.

The show is currently in Season 4 and I’ve seen speculations that the next season might be its last 😦 which brings out these feelings of not wanting High School to end even though it sucked majorly.

But at the moment, even though my roommates and I aren’t living together anymore, every Tuesday we still gather around the TV at 10pm to watch this show at the same time together while still communicating (isn’t technology amazing).

Summary: Great show to watch with your girls or if you wanna feel better about your High School life. Light, funny; short and sweet.

Rating: 7/10

According to Sadie:


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