Before Sunrise Review

What attracted me to this movie was it’s high rating on IMDb even though it seemed like one of those low key movies because I really had never heard of it before or could recall seeing an advertisement for its release. 

The story starts with two people meeting on a train by chance and they have an instant connection. They decide to pursue it for the remainder of the day, becoming more enthralled with each other. There is no denying the romantic chemistry between them even though pursuing a relationship would be highly impossible. They do meaningless activities while covering these wide array of topics about life allowing them to peer deeper into each others soul. The topics are those that keep us up at night when our mind strays, except here it is rawly stated right before you with opinions that really make you reflect internally.

Although meeting on a train by fate seems a little cliche, life really is random like that. The actors portray everything in a way that makes it seem very real including that awkward feeling when trying to get to know someone for the first time. The whole film is earthy with no dramatic story line which seems more applicable to real life. When falling in love in the real world it’s really just getting to know the innermost thoughts of the person that makes us more attracted to them. It’s that spark you feel from the get go which integrates into a fire when that person exposes a piece of themselves that you might feel partial towards. It’s that rambling on and on in the hopes that the other person validates your thoughts by agreeing or at least thinking that it matters. 

It definitely made me feel as though I was on their journey with them, falling slowly in love as the day progressed. It left me feeling satisfied to have experienced such a connection with love albeit a little sad that it would end as soon as it started. However, I am still hopeful seeing as there are two more movies to the trilogy.

Summary: Feel good movie, great watch if you’re feeling to catch the love bug, the indie way. 

Rating: 8/10


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