Before Sunset Review

If you haven’t watched the first part of this trilogy (aka Before Sunrise) then this post will have spoilers galore. 

We are rejoined in this magical love story 9 years after the first encounter on the train. Jesse has published a book based on his brief encounter with Celine and is promoting it in Paris. She appears at his interview in the book shop and we immediately see that she did not keep their promise of meeting at the train station although Jesse did indeed show up.

The love story resumes as though it has only been on pause for all of these years. The two of them stroll through the streets of Paris, but instead of being consumed with the beauty of the breathtaking surroundings, one can only have eyes for these two. They immediately reconnect with no hard feelings towards each other. Again they speak about a wide array of their beliefs and opinions touching on some serious topics about life in the process. If you aren’t philosophical or you don’t question the little things in life then this movie definitely won’t be for you. For me, this was refreshing, to see a movie cover so many topics that I myself ponder, wrapped into a wonderful little love story. 

We see that although they are both in relationships, they have been haunted by that day they met and none of their relationships that followed could ever live up to it. Jesse reveals to Celine that his feelings for her still plague him even though he is married with a son. He claims he has written the book to allow her to find him as they did not exchange any contact information when they had left each other. Celine plays it coy until she breaks down confessing that the day they met was the last time she believed in romance and since then she has become cynical towards love. 

It ends with Jesse only having a few more minutes to catch his flight back to America, however he is back at Celine’s loft listening to her play him a song that she wrote about him, exposing all her feelings towards him and their magical day. It ends with time running out and Jesse is left with the decision to either stay or go back to his life in America. 

Summary: Possibly the realest love story you will ever watch in your life. Sometimes I felt as though the actors took the words and thoughts straight out of my mind. 

Rating: 9/10


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