Before Midnight Review

It astounds me how long people who followed this trilogy from the start had to wait to see each subsequent movie. I, on the other hand was able to traverse an entire 18 years in the span of three nights. I love the way the movies waited the exact time until releasing a new film. No makeup tricks or anything, what you witnessed was the actual actors aging themselves. It made everything seem so much more life like, peering into someone’s life every few years to see how much things had changed, and boy! did they change.

We left at the last movie wondering whether Jesse made the decision to stay. And the spoilers begin here. We are rewarded at the beginning, to a scene depicting a life with Celine and twin girls. Everyone can finally let out that sigh of relief that they have been holding since 2004. “Finally!” I think, “The Happy Ending.”

I have forgotten that although the way they met was something out of a fairytale, their love isn’t, it’s real life love. We start to see life after the happy ever after ending. It starts off docile enough with harmless banter in the car. As the day progresses the two stroll in the garden, not unlike the other two films, discussing life after the fact. Like a fire that catches from a hot ember, the two begin having a heated row about all the things that have gone to shit in their lives. I am stunned, and I am tense seeing my favorite couple spew so many angry, hurtful remarks at each other.

I am especially appalled at Celine, who’s view on little things i regarded so highly, is now bickering cynically for little unimportant things. The debacle comes to an end when she states that the entirety of their problems stem from the fact that she no longer loves him and she then proceeds to storm out. We are at another bridge at the story where the love story can finally come to an end in a not so happy manner or become rekindled.

The film was definitely an eye opener that even the best of loves have their downs and it is indeed possible to rise from the worst scenarios. It did however, leave me a little scarred to allow myself to fall in love for fear that I myself might enter such a frenzied state but when I think back to the other two movies, I feel like it just might be worth it.

Summary: Probably a good watch for married folks since I feel as though they would be better able to relate. Definitely not one to watch in the earlies of a relationship. If you wanna see the reality of the happy ever after, this film definitely does it justice.

Rating: 6/10


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