Bridget Jones Diary Review

I’ve decided to lump the two movies together since they really don’t deserve two separate posts.

Well this just happened to be one of those times when a movie is showing on TV and I really didn’t have anything else to do, it in no way at all reflects on my taste. I made it to 2014 before laying eyes on these films and I possibly could have lasted my whole life.

It is a spin on Pride and Prejudice which ironically enough is my favorite love story so this could be the reason for my crassness. Bridget is not getting any younger, a little bit tubby and has lousy luck with men. Her mother decides to play cupid on Christmas by setting her up with her childhood playmate Marc Darcy. He is recently divorced and is not appeased by Bridget in any way. He voices his opinion to his mother which is overheard by Bridget. 

She is affected and starts writing memoirs in a diary format. At work, she begins a dangerous flirtation with her playboy boss, Daniel, which ultimately leads her into a relationship with him. She stumbles upon Marc at an event and he seems taken by her awkwardness and lack of social perception (I have no idea why this would suddenly appeal to a man so stringent in his taste in women before). A series of events lead to Daniel’s unveiled infidelity (big surprise). Simultaneously, Bridget starts hitting it off with Marc whom she realizes is not a total snob. Throw in a testosterone filled fight for claiming a girl and voila, guess who she ultimately ends up with. Guess the nice guy isn’t finishing last in this movie. 

The next movie picks off from the happy ever after ending. Except this time Bridget can’t seem to keep her man. She is totally insecure and breaks it off with him after she suspects that he is cheating on her. Daniel reappears as a smooth operator and begins wooing Bridget (who doesn’t seem to have learned her lesson). THANKFULLY she realizes Marc is the one after he goes above and beyond to help her in a sticky situation. Throw in another fight (rolls eyes) and they live happily ever after. 

I cannot deny that awkward Bridget made me laugh a fair few times. I never knew Renee had it in her to act silly like that. I don’t care what anyone says, I like Hugh Grant in these romantic movies. He just has that gift for being smooth. And of course, Colin Firth, who exudes what a real English gentleman is envisioned as. The casting was definitely on point.

Summary: A good time killer, but predictable. Great cast and there were funny moments.

Rating: 5/10


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