Interstellar Review

……………………………………………………………………………………. <—- That’s you and I both waiting for something to happen, which is exactly what I did a lot of in this movie.

SO many rantings and ravings and Oscar buzz, and I was so very disappointed and dissatisfied. The plot was so holed, the time it took for things to heat up, they could have used towards knitting everything better together. Yes, it was beautifully filmed, those scenes actually made me believe they were on another planet sometimes so props to the effects team in that movie. Yes, the ending was interesting, and it made you think about that fickle friend we call fate. And it brought to life all those assumptions we have about space. But, the story had so many gaps and everything that was happening was too much of a coincidence. It made it seem totally unbelievable that a story could fall into place so easily.

To summarize without giving much away, a man lives with his two kids and their father. They live in our world which has deteriorated to the point where it can no longer sustain life and mankind must think about relocating to another planet. The man finds the location of the secret base where they are going to carry out this project and is recruited to help pioneer the voyage as he is the best flyer and mankind depends on him which forces him to forsake his children in the hope of finding another planet where they can survive on.

Summary: I guess it’s worth the watch to see all the scenery. It’s long so make sure you’ve got the time.

Rating: 6.5/10


Women, Men and Children Review

This movie revolved around the dangers of the era we currently live in. About how the internet has ruined us in some ways. We’ve got your cheating couple who use the internet to find partners, a boy who has erection problems because porn has ruined his life, slutty girls bearing all on the internet. It was also about life as we know it. Overprotective mothers, mothers who are more like a friend, fathers who can’t relate to their sons.

Definitely an indie life movie. Probably a good show to show to kids so that they see how ridiculous the things they do is on the grand scale of things. Might stimulate some self reflection.

Summary: It’s about being more disconnected from the world and life in an age where there are more means to stay connected. A good time passer.

Rating: 6/10

The Interview Review


There’s something about a James Franco and Seth Rogen pairing that is unlike anything that I have ever experienced. I literally typed in Seth’s name into google to find the correct spelling and James’s name appeared next to it. They have this unmatched chemistry which is hard to find between two lead actors.

We are taken on another humour filled journey with these two in the interview. James is the interviewer at a celebrity tabloid station and Seth is his producer / Sam Gamgee to his Frodo Baggins (LOTR references, there are a lot of these in the movie so get familiar if you aren’t).

Seth is becoming disgruntled with the lack of substance and importance of the interviews that they broadcast. James, suggests that they interview North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. After successfully landing an interview with him as he is secretly a fan of the show, the CIA uses the two to aid in the execution of the dictator who has threatened to send missiles to the US.

To be honest, I thought it was all made up stuff until that whole scandal with Sony occurred (I am not a member of the US so please forgive me). It was refreshing that the two created a movie based on actual events but with a docile approach to war and disagreements. The movie probed into the human nature of corrupted people, which makes us realize that they are just like us, sometimes events in life just molds us into something cruel. Kudos to the duo for using another approach to deal with war as well. In an action film, there would have been no other alternative but brutal killing. However, using comedy, they were able to show that everyone is the same and it’s always best to avoid war.

Throw in a puppy that was cuter than life itself and this was one of the best comedies I’ve seen in a while. It’s rare to find gems like these where humour doesn’t come across as trying too hard to be funny.

Summary: Must commend these guys for pulling off a ridiculous movie that still managed to keep me engrossed till the end.

Rating: 7/10

Too cool for School

One square classroom.

Made of concrete bricks and mortar.

Painted in a flaking mint green paint,

With a whiteboard permanently stained from being rewritten on and,

A line of desks and chairs arranged neatly in rows.

The only factors that change are the notices on the cork board, the posters on the walls and the faces that sit in their assigned seats.

Can you fathom that something as mundane as a classroom, with no special powers, no special pull or glitter and glam can hold within it so many precious memories. It is like the wooden chest which does nothing but hold precious cargo. Gems may come and go but the faithful chest can always be reused.

I get this nostalgic feeling inside when I see pictures of a classroom that housed me for a year. I am flooded with memories that don’t match up to the characters contained inside the pictures. It feels bizarre to see people carrying on a new life in my old vessel.

A classroom feeds off of the energy given to it by each generation. To someone who hasn’t lived in it, it may appear to be dusty, dreary and old and, to see graffiti on a desk may repel.

But for the one person who’s vision is limited, there are far many more who can see beyond.

I see ghost forms of old friends I’ve lost contact with;





I can feel it all again, being fed back to me, the energy I gave off when I was a child. The walls of the classroom release it back to me.

I feel exactly how I did back then.

An eagerness to experience life, a positive outlook, an unexplained thrill for the unknown and happiness.

Unlimited. Endless. Innocent happiness which hasn’t tasted the cruelty of the world.

One classroom, a million scenarios, a thousand memories and a hundred emotions.

Sanity vs Umbrellas

That moment when someone breaks your umbrella and you feel your sanity crumbling because there is absolutely no stability in your life, not in your relationships both romantic and non romantic and none in your job or in the events of your life. If I can’t keep an umbrella which is supposed to protect me from the uncontrollable, unpredictable elements of the earth, what can one really rely on?

The Walking Dead Review

I’ve been following this show for roughly a year now. I remember vaguely hiding in my room on Christmas day so that I could get a few episodes in. That should tell you how good this stuff is.

At first I thought, ugh a zombie show, definitely only for those gamer people. But AMC are the same people that spun out a gem like Breaking Bad, and I simply thought that they must be given a chance.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the show is more about survival of the fittest, surviving in a world where money has no power and only your skills can save you. I used to dream about a world like that, and now I don’t have to, I can just watch it on TV.

It originally centered around Rick, who is a cop that has been shot and as a result ends up in a coma. He awakens to find himself in a world overrun with the walking dead. He must try to adapt to his new found circumstances and find his family whom he believes is not dead. As the seasons progressed, new characters were added and their storylines followed in conjunction with Rick’s.

It has been 5 seasons now, and this show still keeps me on edge. Every minute is unexpected. It’s not as scary as most people believe, it’s only the sneaky attacks that are scary and it just sucks when people die or turn into walkers.

I tried to watch an episode in work last week during lunch and I legit held the spoon infront of my mouth for 50 minutes. Every episode is action packed and I have found myself rooting for favorites to survive.

After every episode I find myself watching out car windows, thinking that slow moving people are definitely walkers and I plan out my method of attack and self defense. LOL

Summary: Excellent show, great acting and plots. Guaranteed to keep you interested regardless of whether you like zombies or not.

Rating: 9/10

Begin Again Review

I highly anticipated this movie and it did not disappoint! It stars a wonderful array of actors including Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo, Adam Levine and guest appearances by Cee Lo Green. 

It’s so rare to find movies that don’t center around a love story and although this movie hits the theme of love many times, it is mostly based around the love of music instead. It also touches on how music drives people’s passions, how they are able to pick up subtle emotions from lyrics, how they can paint a bigger picture and create musical masterpieces from hearing a simple melody and how they use it to overcome many challenges in life. It also hits themes such as how music has become less about the artist and their expression, and more about how an audience receives it and how well it sells.

As a typical indie/ underground music fangirl, this movie had me, and the songs? Wow! Everyone knows Adam knows what he’s doing but who knew Keira could sing so angelic. The main song, Lost Stars, is so beautiful as well. The lyrics relate to everyone.

The story revolves around a couple consisting of two songwriters/singers who move to the U.S since the boyfriend has gotten a deal with a record label due to his involvement in the soundtrack for a movie. They are portrayed as madly in love with each other and music until the guy falls for another girl from his record label. The girl goes to stay with her friend instead who insists she perform at an open mic night at a pub. By chance, a troubled and former owner of a record label hears her and decides to offer her a record deal, in hopes of getting hired back into his company. However, he is refused since she does not have a demo CD. He decides that they do not need the label and they proceed to make the album using random locations through makeshift methods to make an authentic album. While working on the album, it also proves to be his redemption by patching up his broken family life.

Summary: If you are a lover of music, you will be a lover of this movie. It was absolutely perfect in every way besides making Adam seem like a slight douche. It will definitely make you feel euphoric and leaves you with a smile on your face. Movies like these are why they came up with the term “Feel good movies”

Rating: 10/10