P.s I love You Review

It’s one of those sappy romances that i thought would have no substance however I was pleasantly surprised. It stars two killer actors, Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler who have this believable romantic chemistry that just clicked with me.

The two are portrayed as soul mates who have had their ups and downs but are madly in love with each other. When Gerard gets a brain tumor and dies, Hilary’s character has a hard time resuming her life. He has anticipated as such, and has organised a series of letters that he composed prior to his death to be distributed randomly, in an attempt to help her move on and continue living her life. It starts off with good intentions but she finds herself unable to move on, simply living her days anticipating a new letter. In the real world, potential love interests are being deflected because of her inability to move on.

Each time a letter arrives, we are taken on a trip down memory lane to special moments shared by the two of them. Needless to say, I was in tears every single time a letter was received.

The love story was so beautifully portrayed that it came across as genuine instead of ridiculously cheesy. A definite plus was all the footage of Ireland where some of the movie was shot in. The scenery there created the most divine backdrops. Definitely gave it a fairy tale feel.

Gah, and when you see their first kiss, you can’t tell me your heart didn’t melt with how perfect it was. It’s one of those rare times where too much perfection didn’t seem unreal.

Summary: Great to watch with your significant other, it will make you appreciate the time you have together even more. Definitely one of my favorite love stories.

Rating: 9/10


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