Begin Again Review

I highly anticipated this movie and it did not disappoint! It stars a wonderful array of actors including Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo, Adam Levine and guest appearances by Cee Lo Green. 

It’s so rare to find movies that don’t center around a love story and although this movie hits the theme of love many times, it is mostly based around the love of music instead. It also touches on how music drives people’s passions, how they are able to pick up subtle emotions from lyrics, how they can paint a bigger picture and create musical masterpieces from hearing a simple melody and how they use it to overcome many challenges in life. It also hits themes such as how music has become less about the artist and their expression, and more about how an audience receives it and how well it sells.

As a typical indie/ underground music fangirl, this movie had me, and the songs? Wow! Everyone knows Adam knows what he’s doing but who knew Keira could sing so angelic. The main song, Lost Stars, is so beautiful as well. The lyrics relate to everyone.

The story revolves around a couple consisting of two songwriters/singers who move to the U.S since the boyfriend has gotten a deal with a record label due to his involvement in the soundtrack for a movie. They are portrayed as madly in love with each other and music until the guy falls for another girl from his record label. The girl goes to stay with her friend instead who insists she perform at an open mic night at a pub. By chance, a troubled and former owner of a record label hears her and decides to offer her a record deal, in hopes of getting hired back into his company. However, he is refused since she does not have a demo CD. He decides that they do not need the label and they proceed to make the album using random locations through makeshift methods to make an authentic album. While working on the album, it also proves to be his redemption by patching up his broken family life.

Summary: If you are a lover of music, you will be a lover of this movie. It was absolutely perfect in every way besides making Adam seem like a slight douche. It will definitely make you feel euphoric and leaves you with a smile on your face. Movies like these are why they came up with the term “Feel good movies”

Rating: 10/10


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