The Walking Dead Review

I’ve been following this show for roughly a year now. I remember vaguely hiding in my room on Christmas day so that I could get a few episodes in. That should tell you how good this stuff is.

At first I thought, ugh a zombie show, definitely only for those gamer people. But AMC are the same people that spun out a gem like Breaking Bad, and I simply thought that they must be given a chance.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the show is more about survival of the fittest, surviving in a world where money has no power and only your skills can save you. I used to dream about a world like that, and now I don’t have to, I can just watch it on TV.

It originally centered around Rick, who is a cop that has been shot and as a result ends up in a coma. He awakens to find himself in a world overrun with the walking dead. He must try to adapt to his new found circumstances and find his family whom he believes is not dead. As the seasons progressed, new characters were added and their storylines followed in conjunction with Rick’s.

It has been 5 seasons now, and this show still keeps me on edge. Every minute is unexpected. It’s not as scary as most people believe, it’s only the sneaky attacks that are scary and it just sucks when people die or turn into walkers.

I tried to watch an episode in work last week during lunch and I legit held the spoon infront of my mouth for 50 minutes. Every episode is action packed and I have found myself rooting for favorites to survive.

After every episode I find myself watching out car windows, thinking that slow moving people are definitely walkers and I plan out my method of attack and self defense. LOL

Summary: Excellent show, great acting and plots. Guaranteed to keep you interested regardless of whether you like zombies or not.

Rating: 9/10


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