The Hobbit

Set back in time to the period of the discovery of the ring and the beginning of the return of Sauron, the hobbit takes us back on an adventure in Middle Earth. Luckily, those of you who haven’t seen the Lord of the Rings trilogy aren’t at a disadvantage since the story is not dependent on the first set of movies but rather it complements it instead.

This journey is more light than the first movies, with an exceptional actor in the form of Martin Freeman playing Bilbo Baggins in the youth. It shows the first deviation from the norm as Bilbo becomes the first Hobbit to embark on an adventure. Over the span of the trilogy, he is persuaded by Gandalf to become the Burglar for a dozen dwaves on their quest to reclaim their home which has been taken hostage by the dragon, Smaug.

Stunning cinematography once again by Andrew Lesnie and wonderful vision and directing by Peter Jackson. I LOVE looking at these movies just to see how beautiful they make the scenery look, especially at Rivendell. The dragon was also beautifully created, especially when he was breathing fire, absolutely remarkable.  I’m not a huge action film fan, but this trilogy balances it wonderfully by intertwining many different themes into it. There is something for everyone within this saga.

The only problem I have with these movies are the fact that they are so stretched out and long. However, this can be rebutted with the fact that the plot is developed adequately with all this extra time.

Summary: Adventure and action packed, hard to start and commit the hours to watch however, it’s even harder to stop watching it.

Rating: 8.5/10


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