The Theory of Everything

An astounding insight into the life and deterioration of the motor neurons of Stephen Hawking. Eddie Redmayne has outdone himself in his portrayal, it was so raw and believable. In an interview with Ellen he said he trained for his roll by taking dance classes in order to learn how to contract and control different muscles and we can see that he has been successful in his endeavors.

The movie itself was motivational, made you really appreciate the fact that if you blessed with good health then you should be grateful, and it makes you question yourself; if he could accomplish so much in his state then who are you to not have accomplished your own dreams. Defying the odds is something that we should try to accomplish everyday since time is so limited and isn’t guaranteed. It also touches on the themes of love, and how unwavering, unconditional and nondiscriminatory it can be. And how the simple act of loving and being loved can change an entire outlook on a futile situation.

Summary: Motivational and brilliant acting. Good time passer

Summary: 6/10


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